Sermon Illustrations

IN 1937, NAPOLEON HILL wrote a development / self-help book:

THINK AND GROW RICH. Hill discussed a man that invested all his and his family’s money into a GOLD MINE. The man worked and worked. He was so excited, he was going to make millions of dollars and become rich and famous. For weeks the man worked day and night digging for gold. Finally there was no money to buy food. The Gold Prospector was broke and very broken. He found a man that would buy all his tools, equipment, land and rights to the gold for pennies on the dollar.

The new owner was so excited and dreamed all night about GOLD. The man jumped up his first morning and ate breakfast and started digging. The new prospector dug THREE FEET and hit a huge vein of GOLD ORE. He was rich. His life was forever changed. HE DUG THREE FEET TO HIS MIRACLE.

The old, tired, hopeless poor man was broke and BROKEN. THREE FEET --- THREE MORE FEET AND ---

Have you ever GIVEN UP three feet from your miracle?