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In the Ice Age movies a squirrel is on a never ending quest for the acorn. He tries and he tries to get that acorn, and meets with a variety of misadventures along the way. He never succeeds in getting the acorn.

In one of these movies, the squirrel has a "near death" experience, and finds himself at the gates of Squirrel Heaven. A place where the streets are paved (of course) with acorns. The squirrel grins, and dances, and gathers up acorns, and feels more at home than he has ever felt back in the ice age. And then he sees it. The mother of all acorns - a giant acorn to put all other acorns to shame. And just as he is about to grasp the giant acorn......someone back in the ice age gives him mouth-to-mouth, and brings him back to life. That was one very unhappy squirrel, who would never again feel at home in the ice age.

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