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To Mama and Jesus,

You and He,

You gave me life and He extended it.

You saved me from the cold and He from sin.

You taught me hope and He defended it.

From you I once was born . . . from Him again.

You let me skip in fields that He had made.

He bid me bless the loaves you baked for me.

You ordered me to gaze where once He lay.

He bid me kneel in your Gethsemane.

I owe you both the treasure of my art.

I myself am so saddled with this debt

That I cannot fail in paying every part

Lest I should leave this pair with one regret.

You, Mother, taught me how to love a King.

In both of you was hidden everything.

Miller, C. (2012). Letters to heaven: reaching across to the great beyond. Brentwood, TN: Worthy Publishing.

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