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Yes! Your ONE VOTE matters. Voter participation often suffers because of the generally accepted belief that “one vote really can’t make a difference.” Here is historical proof quite to the contrary!

1645: 1 VOTE gave control of England to Oliver Cromwell.

1649: 1 VOTE approved the beheading of King Charles I.

1800: 1 VOTE made Thomas Jefferson president instead of Aaron Burr.

1845: 1 VOTE brought Texas into the United States.

1850: 1 VOTE admitted California and Oregon into the United States.

1868: 1 VOTE saved President Andrew Johnson from Impeachment.

1875: 1 VOTE ended the monarchy in France for a voting democracy.

1876: 1 VOTE made Rutherford B. Hayes a United States President.

1923: 1 VOTE placed Adolph Hitler as the leader of the Nazi Party.

1993: 1 VOTE by Al Gore approved the largest tax increase in American history.

In the United States, 1 VOTE DOES MATTER. Be the ONE!!

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