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It is said that in a great city there was a physician famous for his wisdom. A man came to him one day and said, "Doctor, I want you to see what is wrong with me."

The doctor checked him over and said, "Your heart is all right. Your lungs are all right. Your blood pressure is normal. But you look as if you are run-down and tired, disillusioned, and unhappy. You need to do what I did. Go out to the circus in town this week and laugh at the famous clown with his funny mask, his big shoes, and his slapstick! He is hilarious! I went and I laughed and laughed! I prescribe for you a visit to the same circus. Sit for two hours and laugh at that clown, and you will forget your troubles and have a happy heart."

The man said, "Doctor, your prescription won’t do me any good. I AM THAT CLOWN!"

How many people put on the happy face for others.........when deep down their hearts are empty. Only Christ can fully satisfy the heart of man.

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