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Harry Ironside, the Bible teacher, told of a visit to Palestine years ago by a man named Joseph Flax. He had an opportunity to address a gathering of Jews and Arabs and took for the subject of his address the first Psalm. He read it and then he asked the question: "Who is this blessed man of whom the Psalmist speaks? This man never walked in the counsel of the wicked or stood in the way of sinners or sat in the seat of mockers. He was an absolutely sinless man."

Nobody spoke. So flax said: "Was he our great father Abraham?"

One old man said, "No, it cannot be Abraham. He denied his wife and told a lie about her."

"Well, how about the lawgiver Moses?"

"No", someone said. "It cannot be Moses. He killed a man, and he lost his temper by the waters of Meribah."

Flax suggested David. It was not David.

There was silence for a long while. Then an elderly Jew arose and said, "My brothers, I...

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