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The Loan Officer took an application for a loan to the bank’s Branch Manager. And said: "Sir, we have this application." The manager responded to the officer’s request by saying: "what is the approval status?" The officer said " it doesn’t look that good." The branch manager immediately asked: "why then are you bringing it to me?" He then asked for the loan application. He reviewed it quickly, shaking his head.

He replied to the loan officer, "you have three denials." "You only needed one!" The loan officer said, "I know." "But, did you see line 4?" To which the manager replied: "we only have three lines on our application." At which time he began to review the application with the officer, with some disgust. Notice:

Line 1: Funding. You listed: "insufficient funds, denied."

Line 2: Equity. You noted: "extended, denied."

Line 3: Collateral. You indicated: "none, denied."

The branch manager looked up at the loan officer and said, "you have already denied a loan on this application; what else is it for me to review?"

"Look at the next line," the officer pleads. The manager, shouts, "we only have three lines of approval on our application."

"Please look at the next line, sir," the loan officer entreats.

"Didn’t I just tell you we only have three lines of approval?" The branch manager angrily reminded the loan officer.

"Sir, please look at Line 4," the officer says begging.

The branch manager reviews again the application, and notes:

Line 4: Faith, great.

He replies: "faith,...great!"

The officer: "yes sir, great."

After a few moments of silence, the branch manager begins to line through all the "denied" remarks and initialed each of them with, "JC."

He then looked up at the loan officer smiling; while signing the application: "approved."

He handed the application to the loan officer and said: "call our client and let him know his application is approved."

"Yes, Sir!" The loan officer joyfully replied.

If we remain faithful to our calling and election; God’s banking officials will never disapprove our loan applications for the lack of funds, equity, or collateral; if our faith remains "great."

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