Sermon Illustrations

Dr Cephas Mashiyach

Suppose I were to tell you about a fabulous preacher that I encountered by the name of Dr Cephas Mashiyach? The power of his preaching and his dynamic sermons is unsurpassed. People come from miles around everywhere he goes. Then I told you that Dr Mashiyach was available to preach for us on a particular Sunday morning.

That day arrives and a few of us meet at the church house a few minutes early as is our custom. We are walking up to the portico when we hear the unmistakable sound of a very powerful V-8 engine that is running headers and very loud exhaust. The motor jumps to life and we hear the car scream thru 1st and 2nd gear and a beautiful red 1969 Camaro bursts into view. As it does the driver slams on the brakes and makes a hard right turn into our parking lot. He shoves the car back into 1st gear as he slides around the end of the parking lot and parks under yon famous tree.

Our of the car pops a skinny, hippy looking dude. He’s wearing clean, ironed blue jeans. He has on a snap down shirt, but his shirt tail is out. His shoes are shined but not new. His hair is longish, but nicely styled. As he walks up to our group one of us actually manages to get our mouth shut and our hand out. “Hi! I’m Dr Cephas Mashiyach. I understand I have a preaching appointment here this morning?”

Now-would we be able to focus on the message or the entrance?

In this fictitious instance Dr Cephas Mashiyach was not what we were looking for.

In the very real instance that we are dealing with in scripture, Jesus was not what the religious folks of His day were looking for. And they rejected Him for it.

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