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Recently I was praying at bedtime. I felt overwhelmed by the things I didn’t get done that day; things that would be facing me the moment I opened my eyes the following morning.

As I recited my litany of woes, I sensed the Holy Spirit asking me which among them I thought he couldn’t handle.

Sheepishly, I said, 'None of them.' He said, ‘You’re wrong. I can’t handle ANY of them.”

Stunned, I asked why not. He replied, “Because you won’t turn loose of them.”

As long as we keep a white knuckle grip on our troubles they remain ours. Peter encourages us to cast all our anxiety on the Lord because he cares for us.

My guess is that most of us know that. Most of us have admonished others to do it. Yet we continue struggling with our own list of overwhelming tasks. Instead of just knowing it, let's start actually doing it.

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