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The word of God is Alive

Half a century ago, in one of the Indian villages, there was a family. the family size was five( Husband, wife and three children). The Husband was drunkard and notorious man. His wife was humid lady. The man had all kinds of wrong habits such as drinking, fighting in the streets, beating wife. He had illicit relationship with others. he used to quarrel with wife.

One day he took a sharp knife and killed his wife. He was imprisoned for life time. His three children became orphans. Two boys and one Girl. The girl baby was just one and half years when the mother died. The other children were ten and eight respectively. These children were brought up in the maternal grand parents. Due to poverty the elder son discontinued the education, however, the second son continued the education with struggles.

The man who was in jail heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He approached the Preachers who visited the prison for help. That evangelist promised him that he will take his three children into a Christian Boarding School. Finally he succeed with only the second Son and the youngest daughter. The first son had already discontinued the education.

The girl was given the education along with the Gospel but she refused to accept Jesus Christ. The second son accepted Jesus Christ. He committed himself into the dull time ministry. He was theologically trained and became an ordained Pastor of one of the Leading denomination in South India. He serves in one of the biggest congregations as a Senior Pastor. Who can understand the way of the Lord? The boy is no one else than the author of this article.

May the name of the Lord be glorified.

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