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Michelle Johnson writes, “Sometimes we need to take a look at where we’ve been with God to really understand His faithfulness and love for us. She was staying with her son at the hospital following a serious surgery. On that particular morning, she was exhausted by their stay, and her steps were slow as she walked to the cafeteria for breakfast. But while waiting on the elevator, she realized she was on the 6th floor. The view out the window of the concrete roof held special significance. It was one she’d seen many times before because it was the same view for the six weeks she had seen after her car wreck. The doctors said she'd never walk normally, she'd have arthritis within a year, and she'd have to have a hip replacement within 5 years. None of that happened. Thirty-five years later, the memories of God’s faithfulness during those days moved her to tears.

And then she writes, “Do you need a reminder of His faithfulness today? Wouldn’t it be cool if we could sit down with some of the men and women in the Bible and talk about their memories of times with God?

- Wouldn’t it be awesome to hear Joseph’s rendition of the events that took him from a dreary prison cell to the palace?

- Or…from Daniel as he told how a faithful God kept him alive and unharmed during an entire night in a den of lions?

- What if Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego could show us the clothes they wore in the fiery furnace—without a burn or scorch mark on them, or even the aroma of smoke…?

Sometimes in the busyness of life, we forget to remember His faithfulness.

Do you need to look back and remember what He’s done for you? Do you need to share those memories with your children, grandchildren or others who need to hear them? I’m so grateful I can look back and remember where I’ve been with Him—and know that the God who was faithful in the past will also be faithful in the future.

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