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ILL. I love a story told by Ralph Craddock. In one of his lectures he tells about a time when he says that God revealed Himself in a very special way.

He said that he was riding in the non-smoking section of an airplane, where he always sat. While he was sitting there, a man across the aisle lit up one of these long black cigar type cigarettes & started puffing away & blowing smoke into the air.

Just then this lovely stewardess came by & Craddock motioned to her & asked, "Isn’t this the non?smoking section?" She said, "Yes, it is."

He said, "Well, the man across the aisle is smoking." She looked over & said, "He sure is." He asked, "Could you do something about it?" So she went over & politely said, "Sir, this is the non-smoking section. Would you mind moving back to the smoking section? There are plenty of seats back there."

The guy just took a big drag on his cigarette, blew smoke right into her face, & defiantly stayed in his seat. She turned back to Craddock & shrugged her shoulders like, "What do I do now?"

And he shrugged his shoulders like, "I don’t know what you do now. You’re in charge." He said that then this very beautiful stewardess turned around & went to the back. He thought maybe she was going to check with her supervisor or something to find out what to do next.

She didn’t come back for a while. But when she did come back she had a full tray of soft drinks & peanuts & was passing them out to the passengers. It was obvious that she had decided not to do anything about it at all. This guy was still puffing away & the smoke was still in the air.

But just as she got even with Craddock & the fellow who was smoking, the plane hit an air pocket. Suddenly, all of the drinks on that tray spilled over on that guy, dousing out his cigarette, splashing all over his expensive suit & tie, & ending up in his lap.

"And then," Craddock said, "the beautiful stewardess fell into my lap." "Now," he said, "You tell me there is no God."

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