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There is power in the cross. It's undeniable. Even unbelievers seem to squirm when considering its potential.

David Brooks, of the Weekly Standard, reports "of the conniption being thrown by the American Atheist, the group founded by the late Madalyn Murray O'Hair (may God have mercy upon her soul). It seems that when the World Trade Center collapsed, the force of the fall, or some supernatural force, fused two steel beams into a 20-foot-high cross, which has been kept on the edge of the site. The atheists want the cross removed, of course, but in their passion to do that, they are actually revealing their faith in the power of the cross. If it didn't have power, why get so upset?"

There is power in the cross. It's undeniable. As we come around the Lord's Table, we consider the potential of the cross--it's potential to...

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