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The final picture of God’s love for us through Jesus Christ comes for a story told by the late Pastor Louis Valbracht as he relates an event in his life.

He says:

I remember when I returned from over seas at the end of W.W. II, I was met by a nearly-three-year-old daughter whom I hadn’t seen since she was 3 months old. She knew nothing of her father, except by a picture on her mother’s dresser and the things that mother told her about her father.

But, Daddy wasn’t a person. Daddy was just a picture and some stories. How was my daughter to know that I loved her? She was not old enough, to understand that I could love her even though I had been away from her for 2 1/2 years. She didn’t know the relationship between a father and a daughter .

As men went, the only person she knew was her grandfather, and he died while I was gone. I had to find a way to develop the relationship between us.

I would...

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