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NOW – in life do overs are not the norm… In our Hang Time journal on April 3rd – we read a chapter from max Lucado’s book – “No Wonder They Call Him Savior.”

“Not many second chances exist in the world today.. Just ask the kid who didn’t make the little league team or the fellow who got the pink slip or the mother of three who dumped for a ‘pretty little thing.’ Not many second chances. Nowadays it’s more like, “It’s now or never,” “Around here we don’t tolerate incompetence” Gotta get tough to get along.” “Not much room at the top.” “Three strikes and your out..”

BUT wouldn’t it be great if there were do overs..

A policeman stops you for speeding, you just tear up the ticket and say – Thanks officer but I’ll be taking a do over today… The bank says you bounced a check. Do over you say, no problem they say back…. You get in an argument with a friend and you say something mean & cruel – I...

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