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A young man was head over heals in love with a young lady. The time they spent together was magical. When they were with each other everything was always perfect; there was never a problem. He decided that the two of them should be married, so he set off in search of the prefect engagement ring. When he arrived at the first jewelry store; he was unprepared for the cost of diamonds. He went from store to store, but each time the ring he thought could symbolize his deep love was thousands of dollars more than he could afford. The only rings he could afford to buy had diamonds you could hardly see.

He was about to give up all hope when he walked by a store with a sign that said, “High price of diamonds got you down? We can help.” Curious to see how anyone could help him he went into the store. Looking around he saw hundreds of beautiful rings sparkling in the light. The salesman asked what he was looking for and showed him a case full of engagement rings. The young man saw many rings that looked just like what he had seen in the other stores, but he already knew he couldn’t afford those.

He was about to thank the man and leave when he saw the perfect ring. He was sure that he wouldn’t be able to afford it, but he at least wanted to hold it–if only for a moment. Curiously holding the ring, he asked how much it was. The salesman told him all the engagement rings were the same low price, only $350. The young man was shocked. He had seen rings like these for thousand of dollars more, so he asked, “How can you sell diamond rings so cheaply?” Of course you already know that these were not diamonds, but cubic zirconias. The salesman assured the young man that he could buy this ring now and purchase a real diamond when he could afford it. And besides his fiancee would never know the difference because love is blind.

With hope renewed the young man purchased the ring and planned the perfect occasion to ask his girlfriend to marry him. The evening was going perfectly and came to the climax when on bended knee he asked her to be his wife. With tears in her eyes she said that nothing would make her happier than to spend their lives together. Taking her hand he placed the ring on her finger; it fit perfectly.

She took one look at the ring and immediately took it off and said, “I’m sorry; I can’t marry you with this imitation diamond.”

Broken hearted the young man said, “But how did you know? I was told you couldn’t see the difference; I couldn’t tell it wasn’t a diamond.”

“Sweetheart, love may be blind, but it isn’t stone blind.”

God’s love for us is not stone blind either!

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