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Our Inheritance (Poem in honor of Jewel Hogan for her funeral, Oct. 18, 1997)

I dreamed that the Lord came by my bedside

And took me far away.

On a tour of Heaven,

Everywhere I looked my eyes

Saw the beauty of gold and prescious jewels

As abundant as the grass of the earth

Everywhere I walked my ears heard

A mighty chorus of voices praising God

As constant and tireless as the waves of the ocean.

All around me,

I could feel tremendous peace and love

For there was no darkness, disappointments, disabilities, nor death.

Then Jesus held me close and said, “Your room here is almost finished.”

But suddenly I grew concerned, and tears came to my eyes,

As I realized how unfinished the rooms for my loved ones were.

“This world is cruel and mean, will they be okay?,” I said.

Then Jesus took my hand and tenderly smiled as he reminded me,

“Honey, you aren’t the only one who loves them you know.

I am the power behind those prayers.

I am the joy behind your laughter and smile.

I am the strength behind your work.

I am the grace behind your...

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