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There’s a story that came out of WWII, about a small village in Poland and the day the Nazis came to town.

The people were gathered in their church there worshiping, when troops of the Third Reich swarmed into the village, entered the church, escorted everyone outside and set fire to the structure.

As the soldiers then trained their weapons on the congregation, these people began to sing “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”, the words and music themselves being written by a famous German; Martin Luther. A song these German boys grew up singing.

The people sang a verse, then went on to the next verse, waiting for the bullets that they expected to rip into their bodies and stop their song. But the bullets didn’t come.

Finally, looking around at the German soldiers surrounding them, they were astonished to see guns lowered and every hardened Nazi face, streaming with tears.

The soldiers, one by one, two by two, slowly turned and climbed back into their trucks and jeeps. As they pulled away from the little town, leaving behind a congregation of the faithful,...

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