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1) ATOM: The actual material of an atom is about 1/trillionth of the volume. Meaning it is a lot of little orbits. If you compressed would make 1/trillions of original size; TAKE ME – squeeze all the space out(space between ears) would fit on head of a pin. 1 100 millionth of a cubic inch. Take that mass up to a cubic inch it would weigh about a billion pounds.

2) DROP OF WATER: Filled with molecules. Took each one and increased size up to a grain of sand then you could build a road a ft thick by ½ mile from NY to LA.

3) SUN: Temperature about 12,000 degrees. 93 million miles away. If any farther any cooler or hotter(50 degrees hotter or cooler then life impossible)

4) EARTH: Rotations, tilts, orbits: control seasons, times, years. 25,000 in circumference yet hangs in empty space. Flying through the air 1,000 a miles a hour as we spin and through space at 1,000 miles per minute. We don’t even recognize it because design is so perfect.

5) 580 million miles circle and we will be right back here in another 365 days. Without missing a beat. PERFECT ORDER AND DESIGN.

6) ATMOSPHERE: 21% oxygen. If about 40-45% then first time spark then whole earth explode.

7) WATER CYCLE: Every Minnesota farmer get 407,510 gallons of rainwater per acre per year and it is free of charge. Buy that much at Homeland. Average year.

MISSOURI: 38 inches average rain each year. 70,000 square miles. If took and made one lake: 250 miles long, 60 miles wide, 22 ft deep. FREE OF...

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