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  • What I Wouldn't Give...

    Contributed by Scott Jensen on Mar 29, 2012

    WHAT I WOULDN'T GIVE... When Oliver Wendell Holmes was still on the U.S. Supreme Court, he and Justice Louis Brandeis took walks every afternoon. On one of these occasions Holmes, then ninety-two, paused to gaze in frank admiration at a beautiful young girl who passed them. He even turned to more

  • All I Could Do Was Listen And Talk

    Contributed by Scott Jensen on Feb 5, 2012

    "ALL" I COULD DO WAS LISTEN AND TALK The author Stephen W. Sorenson wrote in Discipleship Journal: For two years, because of severe tendinitis in both wrists, I could not pick up my young daughter, carry a log, or even open a twist-off pop bottle. To make matters worse, my wife and I, with more

  • What's The Demand?

    Contributed by Scott Jensen on Feb 5, 2012

    WHAT'S THE DEMAND? The magazine, Christianity Today, reported in its April 4, 1986 issue of a tool company that manufactured drill bits. Faced with financial losses, company executives gathered to discuss the problem: a declining demand for drill bits. The CEO challenged his men: "How can we more

  • I Want All Of You To Try Something. Don’t ...

    Contributed by Scott Jensen on Mar 30, 2010

    I want all of you to try something. Don’t speak. Just listen and observe. Look at the person next to you. Look into their eyes. What do you see? What do you feel? Do you see concern or confusion? Is it laughter or happiness? Is it pain, anger, or love? Can you see something about what the more

  • The Oakland Police Force Recently Unveiled Its ...

    Contributed by Scott Jensen on Jan 2, 2009

    The Oakland police force recently unveiled its first lowrider police car. The vehicle has the standard logo, lights and siren, but also includes chrome wheels, hydraulic lift, and a 500-watt sound system. The car was put on the force to help officers build better relationship with inner-city more

  • My Wife And I Have Invested In Some Exercise ...

    Contributed by Scott Jensen on Nov 12, 2008

    My wife and I have invested in some exercise equipment through the years. We’ve bought a stationary bike, an exercise ball, a weight set and even an Abs-machine. But, most of these items never met their intended goal. Our tone didn’t improve like we intended and we didn’t get stronger. Why? more

  • Attitude Can Be Changed Simply By Humbly Coming ...  PRO

    Contributed by Scott Jensen on Oct 24, 2008
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    Attitude can be changed simply by humbly coming to God, ready to receive what He offers, even if it's not the answer we expected. The story is told of an old man who lived on a farm in the mountains of eastern Kentucky with his young grandson. Each morning, Grandpa was up early sitting at the more

  • My Stripes

    Contributed by Scott Jensen on Oct 8, 2008

    My Stripes Many years ago I was enlisted in the Air Force and competed for promotion to Technical Sergeant. I was a Staff Sergeant that had been recognized as one of the best. I had fire wall 5 performance reports and had been Group NCO of the Year for two consecutive years. I had all the more

  • Preach The Right Message

    Contributed by Scott Jensen on Oct 8, 2008
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    Preach the Right Message Take a look at the example of Pastor Carlton Pearson from Tulsa, Oklahoma. By all standards, he was a very successful preacher with a church of over 5,000 members. Well-known for being a powerful speaker, he reached many and continued to grow his church. However, more

  • Before Performing A Baptism, The Pastor ...

    Contributed by Scott Jensen on Oct 8, 2008

    Before performing a baptism, the pastor approached the young father and said solemnly, "Baptism is a serious step. Are you prepared for it?" "I think so," the man replied. "My wife has made appetizers and we have a caterer coming to provide plenty of cookies and cakes for all of our guests." more

  • A Baptist Congregation Installed A New Full ...

    Contributed by Scott Jensen on Oct 8, 2008

    A Baptist congregation installed a new full immersion baptistery in the sanctuary as part of an extensive remodeling project. But the county building inspector wouldn’t okay its’ installation. “I can’t,” he said, “unless it has a separate septic tank.” The trusties couldn’t understand why a more

  • Love Is Self-Sacrifice For Others. In The ...

    Contributed by Scott Jensen on Sep 11, 2008

    Love is self-sacrifice for others. In the magazine The Christian Leader, Don Ratzlaff retells a story from Ernest Gordon’s Miracle on the River Kwai, a story based on World War II events. The Scottish soldiers, forced by their Japanese captors to labor on a jungle railroad, had degenerated to more

  • There Was An Old Monastery That Had Fallen Upon ...

    Contributed by Scott Jensen on Sep 11, 2008

    There was an old monastery that had fallen upon hard times. It was once a great order, but as a result of waves of persecution in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and the rise of secularism in the nineteenth century, all its branch houses were lost and it had become decimated to the extent more

  • In The City Of Philadelphia There Was A Little ...

    Contributed by Scott Jensen on Jun 26, 2008

    In the city of Philadelphia there was a little third-class hotel. Into it one night there came two tired elderly people. They went up to the night clerk and the husband pleadingly said, “Mister, please don’t tell us you don’t have a room. My wife and I have been all over the city looking for a more

  • Shortly After The First Edition Of The Miami ...

    Contributed by Scott Jensen on Jun 26, 2008

    Shortly after the first edition of the Miami Herald had gone to press on Sunday night, December 29, 1946, Timothy Sullivan answered the telephone on the city desk. “Please help me,” a woman’s voice pleaded. “My husband is bleeding to death.” Sullivan got the entire story. The man’s name was more

  • The Rev. Alan Redpath Tells Of A Lady Of His ...

    Contributed by Scott Jensen on Jun 26, 2008

    The Rev. Alan Redpath tells of a lady of his acquaintance who has a little motto over her kitchen sink that reads as follows: “Divine service is conducted here three times daily.” This is the type of industry Christ honors. (1996, c1979). Encyclopedia of 7700 illustrations : A treasury of more

  • In A Popular "Saturday Night Live" Comedy Skit, ...

    Contributed by Scott Jensen on Jun 12, 2008

    In a popular "Saturday Night Live" comedy skit, one of the characters, Stuart Smalley, attempted to console people as they struggled with their issues and dilemmas. In one of the more popular skits, he attempted to counsel Michael Jordan, the famous basketball player, with a non-existent struggle more

  • When You Take A Public Speaking Class, You're ...

    Contributed by Scott Jensen on May 15, 2008

    When you take a public speaking class, you’re often told that an attention getting step is one of the best ways to keep your audience focused on what you want them to hear. People tend to notice when you say something that seems out of place or show something people can look at. I once used a more

  • Through My Travels, I Have Encountered Numerous ...

    Contributed by Scott Jensen on May 15, 2008

    Through my travels, I have encountered numerous Christian people from various cultures and various languages. Many of them have spoken about having a feeling that they should do something. About 10 years ago, I had such an experience. My wife, Lina, and I had been trying to have a child for over more

  • What God Chooses, He Cleanses. What God ...

    Contributed by Scott Jensen on May 15, 2008

    "What God chooses, He cleanses. What God cleanses, He molds. What God molds, He fills. What God fills, He uses." Source: J.S. Baxter, more