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  • Dogs  PRO

    Contributed by Sermon Central on Jun 18, 2007
    based on 3 ratings

    Dogs An old dog was watching a young dog chase his tail. The young dog stopped to rest, and told the older dog, “I believe happiness is in my tail, and if I catch it, then I will have happiness” The older, wiser dog said, “I caught mine once. . . and I found out that happiness is not in the more

  • A Dirty Dog  PRO

    Contributed by Sermon Central on Dec 20, 2005
    based on 3 ratings

    John Barrymore once played the role of a father who disapproved of the man his daughter planned to marry. In one scene, the daughter had to ask Barrymore what he thought of her fiancé, who had just exited. Barrymore was supposed to answer, “I think he’s a dirty dog.” One night, when the more

  • The Lion And The Dog  PRO

    Contributed by Sermon Central on Jan 24, 2011
    based on 3 ratings

    THE LION AND THE DOG D.L. Moody one time saw a man beat his dog at a zoo one time because he was mad at him. He had made a bet and boasted about him being so obedient and when he tried to get the dog to so something he wanted, it wouldn’t do it and he lost his bet. He got so mad at that dog and more

  • The Sheep Dog  PRO

    Contributed by Sermon Central on Jun 9, 2011
    based on 4 ratings

    THE SHEEP DOG A man by the name of Keith Miller told of the time when his daughters were very young. They’d drop them off at the church’s children’s chapel on Sundays before the 11 am service. But one day Keith chanced to be in the class when the preacher was telling the story for the day to the more

  • Dogs And Kids  PRO

    Contributed by Sermon Central on May 9, 2002
    based on 5 ratings

    DOGS AND KIDS We train our dogs and don’t train our kids. Then we tie up the dogs at night and let the kids run wild. SOURCE: Adrian more

  • Tommy's Dog

    Contributed by Larry Wilson on Sep 2, 2011

    TOMMY'S DOG Tommy, one of my neighbor's grandsons, walked into the convenience store and asked the clerk for a box of Tide so that he could wash his dog, Petey. The clerk was appalled and told the boy, "Son, you can't use Tide on a dog. It might hurt him. Are you sure you want Tide?" "Oh, more

  • Beware Of Dog!

    Contributed by Sermon Central on Aug 22, 2011

    BEWARE OF DOG! Upon entering a little country store a stranger noticed a sign saying "DANGER! BEWARE OF DOG!" posted on the glass door. Inside, he noticed a harmless old hound dog asleep on the floor near the cash register. He asked the store’s owner "Is that the dog folks are supposed to beware more

  • The Anglican Dog

    Contributed by Revd. Martin Dale on Oct 15, 2011

    THE ANGLICAN DOG A man came to an Anglican Church and asked to see the Vicar. "Vicar," he said, "My dog died and I would like a Christian burial for him." The Vicar said, "I'm sorry to hear about your dog, but we Anglicans don't do funerals for dogs. You might try the Baptist church down more

  • On The Obedience Of A Dog

    Contributed by Sermon Central on Apr 18, 2012

    ON THE OBEDIENCE OF A DOG It's been said that it is not the dog's keen smell or hearing that has endeared him to modern man, it's his uncomplaining readiness to obey and lavish affection on his human friends. A dog is loyal, loving, and lovable, even if his master can boast none of these more

  • A Dog Jog

    Contributed by Charles Wallis on Dec 17, 2012

    My dogs like to go on jogs with me. The older dog, Yogi (name after the bear), is a sheep herding dog and loves to run. He is older now and he cannot run as fast, and cannot hear either. So his passion for running and loss of hearing often gets him lost. I realized that if we are going to run more

  • Grandfather And The Dog

    Contributed by Dr. David Hallum on Sep 11, 2019

    When my grandchildren were young, introduced them to my dog, Chuey. They were not well received by the old Chow. The dog would stalk around and shoot dirty looks when the kids were present. He finally got used to them and now pays them no attention. The other day, we were all in the back yard. more

  • Pentecostal Dog

    Contributed by Ed Vasicek on Sep 24, 2019

    . A Baptist preacher and his wife decided they needed a dog. Ever mindful of their congregation, they knew the dog must also be Baptist. They visited an expensive kennel and explained their needs to the manager, who assured them he had just the dog for them. When the dog was produced, the manager more

  • Hiring A Dog

    Contributed by John Bright on Jan 17, 2021

    A sign was hung in an office window. It read: Help wanted. Must type 70 words a minute. Must be computer literate. Must be bilingual. An equal opportunity employer. A dog was ambling down the street and saw the sign. He looked at it for a moment, pulled it down with his mouth, and walked into more

  • An Old Dog Was Watching A Young Dog Chase ...  PRO

    Contributed by Darrell Stetler Ii on Jan 22, 2004
    based on 13 ratings

    <ILLUS> An old dog was watching a young dog chase his tail. The young dog stopped to rest, and told the older dog, “I believe happiness is in my tail, and if I catch it, then I will have happiness!” The older, wiser dog said, “I caught mine once. . . and I found out that happiness is not in the more

  • In The Book, No Bad Dogs, By British Dog Trainer ...  PRO

    Contributed by Greg Yount on Nov 30, 2001
    based on 42 ratings

    In the book, No Bad Dogs, by British dog trainer Barbara Woodhouse, she says dogs understand love better than we do. She writes, “In a dog’s mind, a master or a mistress to love, honor, and obey is an absolute necessity. The love is dormant in the dog until brought into full bloom by an more

  • A Man And His Dog Are Walking ...

    Contributed by Sermon Central on Jun 18, 2007

    Illustration: A man and his dog are walking along the beach when they see a visitor to the beach. The owner of the dog is proud of his dog’s newly mastered feat - so he says to the visitor, "Watch this." He tosses a piece of driftwood far out into the sea and the dog immediately runs on top of the more

  • The Dog Gone Story!  PRO

    Contributed by Wade Martin Hughes, Sr on Mar 28, 2003
    based on 40 ratings

    THE DOG GONE STORY! Many years ago before airplanes and the great jets of today, people had to travel by ships. These great ocean going vessels were very slow sailing across long distances. The King of Greece made the decision to travel to the USA. The King had heard of the vast land and how more

  • A Bone To The Dog Is Not Charity. Charity Is The ...  PRO

    Contributed by Sermon Central on Dec 15, 2005
    based on 5 ratings

    A bone to the dog is not charity. Charity is the bone shared with the dog, when you are just as more

  • Ugliest Dog Content

    Contributed by Davon Huss on Aug 11, 2009

    UGLIEST DOG CONTENT Sam was a 14 year old purebred Chinese hairless dog who won the World’s Ugliest Dog contest. Sam is covered in blackheads. His skin is wrinkled, brown, and dotted with splotches and several lines of warts. His eyes are pale and frightening. His teeth are misshapen and jut more

  • Putting The Dog In Dogma

    Contributed by Christopher Lanham on Jul 22, 2010
    based on 1 rating

    PUTTING THE DOG IN DOGMA The pit bull, as you may know, is bred to be a fighter. But what you may not know is what they were originally bred to fight with. The pit bull is a actually a mutt that made good -- having terrier and mastiff breeds in its line. From the mastiff side of the tree, more