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  • Metamorphosis  PRO

    Contributed by Paul Dietz on Aug 16, 2008
    based on 2 ratings

    METAMORPHOSIS I can recall how taken back I was, in my fourth grade science class, when I first became aware of this almost magical phenomena of an ugly, old caterpillar becoming a beautiful butterfly. Of course at that age I had a very hard time understanding the whole biological time-clock more

  • If I Only Had Five More Years...

    Contributed by Curtis Rowe on Aug 17, 2008

    "IF I ONLY HAD FIVE MORE YEARS..." The work of Japanese painter Hokusai spanned many years before his death in 1849 at age 89. But toward the end of his life, the artist dismissed as nothing all the work he had done before age 50. It was only after he reached 70 that he felt he was turning out more

  • In 'a Guide To Spiritual Success', There Was A ...

    Contributed by Derrick Tuper on Aug 25, 2008

    In 'A Guide to Spiritual Success', there was a chapter devoted to the importance of the local church. In it, Tony Evans said this, "Our relationship to the corporate body of Christians is crucial more

  • Base Camps  PRO

    Contributed by Sermoncentral on Sep 2, 2008
    based on 3 ratings

    BASE CAMPS When people are climbing Mount Everest, there are at least four camps that people stop at on the way up. They have to stop because of the physical limitations of their bodies. They need time to rest. They need time to acclimatized to the atmosphere. They need time to be prepared to more

  • I Know

    Contributed by Dennis Selfridge on Sep 5, 2008
    based on 1 rating

    I Know I know He is the beginning, so why do I worry about the end. I know He is the creator, so why do I wonder who will destroy. I know He has forgiven me, so why can't I forgive myself. I know He is a healer, so why do I speak of sickness. I know He can do all things, so why do I more

  • Don't Quit Skating

    Contributed by Donny Granberry on Sep 23, 2008

    Don't Quit Skating I heard the story of a boy trying to learn how to ice-skate. He had fallen so many times that his face was cut, and the blood and tears ran together. Out of sympathy, a man skated over to the boy, picked him up and said, "Son, why don't you quit before you kill more

  • Spiritual Perfection

    Contributed by Ferdinand Funk on Sep 29, 2008

    Spiritual Perfection A man once came up to C. H. Spurgeon, the great English preacher, at a Christian retreat, and said that he had reached a state of spiritual perfection. Without a word Spurgeon picked up a pitcher of ice-cold water and poured it on the man's head. When the man became angry more

  • Watching From The Bleachers

    Contributed by Michael Mccartney on Jan 21, 2009

    Cymbala shares in his book, "Fresh Power": "But just as there are people who watch from the bleachers and never know the challenge of competing on the court, we have millions of churchgoers who sit in pews every week without ever entering the game. They sacrifice nothing, strain toward no more

  • Emotional Growth Needs...

    Contributed by Sermoncentral on Jan 26, 2009

    EMOTIONAL GROWTH NEEDS... Just as a flower cannot grow unless it has soil, air, water, light, and a secure place to grow, researchers have leaned that people can’t grow emotionally unless five basic ingredients are present: 1. Meaningful touch. 2. A spoken message. 3. The attachment of more

  • Boat People

    Contributed by Sermoncentral on Jan 26, 2009

    BOAT PEOPLE There are three kinds of people -- rowboat people, sailboat people, and steamboat people. Rowboat people need to be pushed or shoved along. Sailboat people move when a favorable wind is blowing. Steamboat people move continuously, through calm or storm. They are masters of more

  • Kaiser Medical Has A Slogan Called, "Thrive": ...

    Contributed by Charles Wallis on Feb 3, 2009
    based on 1 rating

    Kaiser Medical has a slogan called, "Thrive": They are promoting health as more than just getting by, but living well. Knowing God is not just about getting by, or even getting to heaven. There must be more! His Spirit more

  • Be Not Afraid Of Growing Slowly, Be Afraid Only ...

    Contributed by C Vincent on Feb 13, 2009

    Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing more

  • Joni's Story

    Contributed by Paul Carlson on Feb 16, 2009

    JONI'S STORY Joni Eareckson Tada is an American Christian author, artist, and founder and CEO of Joni and Friends, an "organization accelerating Christian ministry in the disability community". She wrote an autobiography entitled Joni and appeared in a film of the same name. She has a daily more

  • A Lot Of Christians Have A Tendency To Think That ...

    Contributed by K. Edward Skidmore on Dec 9, 2009

    A lot of Christians have a tendency to think that --- even though it was God’s Grace and Mercy that saved us --- now that we are saved, it’s all up to us to get on with the business of struggling to “live the Christian life” on our own power. We rev up our own dedication, will power, grit, and more

  • Tending Your ...

    Contributed by Christian Cheong on Jan 9, 2010

    TENDING YOUR GARDEN Suppose 2 women were planting a vegetable garden. On the same day, they prepared the earth and planted their seeds. One then neglected her garden and waited for her vegetables to grow. The other woman worked in her garden regularly. She put cages around the young tomato more

  • Focus On Christ

    Contributed by Sermoncentral on Feb 6, 2010
    based on 1 rating

    FOCUS ON CHRIST This bit of strange news was released by the Associated Press this past week: RIVERTON, Wyo. -- Officials say a magnifying glass set on a stand in a sunny room started a small blaze in a Wyoming home. UPS worker Buddy Armstrong was delivering a package to 84-year-old Thomas more

  • Getting The Fruit For Yourself  PRO

    Contributed by Sermoncentral on Feb 6, 2010
    based on 3 ratings

    Getting the Fruit for Yourself A family was driving to Tampa, Florida. As far as the eye could see, orange trees were loaded with fruit. When we stopped for breakfast, I ordered orange juice with my eggs. "I’m sorry," the waitress said. "I can’t bring you orange juice. Our machine is broken." We more

  • The Love Of Christ Enables Believers  PRO

    Contributed by Sermoncentral on May 31, 2010
    based on 2 ratings

    THE LOVE OF CHRIST ENABLES BELIEVERS I like the way one pastor put it years ago (1986) when he became overwhelmed with all the "ideals" he was collecting from church growth seminars and books. He said, "Quite frankly, I'm sick to death of ideals. I have so many ideals and I've been so frustrated more

  • Too Close To Where We Got In

    Contributed by Derrick Tuper on Sep 21, 2010

    TOO CLOSE TO WHERE WE GOT IN A little boy fell out of the bed in his sleep. His father picked him up and put him back in bed. He asked him, "Son, what happened?" The little boy responded, "I fell asleep too close to where I got in." I believe that describes too many Christians today. They more

  • Dead Church

    Contributed by Michael Mccartney on Oct 14, 2010

    DEAD CHURCH William James of Harvard once said, "There were some people for whom religion was a dull habit, while to others, it was acute fever." By appearances it was a Church of an acute fever. But by assessment it was a Church of a dull habit. The impressive prayers that were prayed went no more