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  • The Burial Of Moses

    Contributed by Sermon Central on Feb 8, 2006

    God hath his mysteries of grace, Ways that we cannot tell, He hides them deep, like the secret sleep Of him he loved so well. Cecil Frances Alexander (1818–1895), Irish poet. The Burial of Moses (l. 77–80). . . Best Loved more

  • Moses' Stutter  PRO

    Contributed by Sermon Central on Jun 18, 2007
    based on 2 ratings

    Moses’ Stutter The hallway is silent now except for the two wheels of the mop bucket and the shuffle of the old man’s feet. Both sound tired. Both know these floors. How many nights has Hank cleaned them? Always careful to get in the corners. Always careful to set up his yellow caution sign more

  • Moses Wrote,

    Contributed by Terry Laughlin on Apr 16, 2009

    Moses wrote, “…The man and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.” (Genesis 2:25) A Biblical marriage destroys thoughts of self-consciousness, they defeat shame, there is no fear of ridicule, no hang-ups, they can choose to avoid embarrassments and with Christ leading the marriage more

  • I'm No Moses!

    Contributed by Anne Benefield on Sep 4, 2008

    "I'm No Moses!" When I received my call to go into ministry, I was praying. Immediately, I rejected the call, telling God that I was a business person, not really minister material. I knew how to speak about marketing. I knew a bit about managing people. I could talk about that. On and on I more

  • Doctrine: Be Like Moses

    Contributed by Aubrey Vaughan on Sep 17, 2008

    Doctrine: Be Like Moses James Packer writes: "Many of us would agree with Peter when he says that parts of Paul's letters are hard to understand! And there are difficulties and apparent discrepancies in other parts of the Bible too. On this matter of discrepancies, I remember reading more

  • Moses And The Bush Joke  PRO

    Contributed by K. Edward Skidmore on Mar 30, 2009
    based on 3 ratings

    MOSES AND THE BUSH JOKE We all know that our past President from TX is now a private citizen, back in his home state. I heard that recently George W. Bush was waiting in an airport lobby when he noticed a man in a long flowing white robe with a long flowing white beard and flowing white hair. more

  • Moses Was Old And Shepherd Of Sheep On The ...

    Contributed by Tony Abram on Sep 25, 2006

    Moses was old and shepherd of sheep on the backside of the desert. He failed at age 40 with his talent, rank and money to deliver his people. He tried to do it in his own strength. How God moves in at age 80 in to his life, not in the palace but in a humble job. God does more

  • Christ Is No Moses, No Exactor, No Giver Of ...

    Contributed by Sermon Central on Apr 11, 2007

    "Christ is no Moses, no exactor, no giver of laws, but a giver of grace, a Savior; he is infinite mercy and more

  • Abolishing Slavery: Wilberforce And Moses

    Contributed by Ken Pell on Mar 21, 2011

    ABOLISHING SLAVERY: WILBERFORCE AND MOSES I found myself reading William Wilberforce’s speeches to the British Parliament the other day, particularly his speeches to abolish the slave trade. I was struck by the tenacity, patience, and confidence that he showed. He was convinced that this evil more

  • A Parrot Named Moses

    Contributed by Dr. Larry Petton on Nov 14, 2021

    A PARROT NAMED MOSES A thief broke into a beautiful suburban house and was looking around for things to steal when he heard a voice say, “Better be careful…Jesus is watching you!” He stopped for a moment and heard it again… The surprised thief froze in his tracks and looked around, shining the more

  • Swindoll's Observation: Moses  PRO

    Contributed by Don Hawks on Apr 4, 2002
    based on 14 ratings

    Swindoll’s observation, MOSES p. 107) I believe there are many who have not responded to God’s call on their lives--many who may miss opportunities to flame brightly for Him, like a radiant city shining on a hilltop. I speak to so many who are waiting for some kind of curious sign in the heavens, more

  • Moses And The Children Of Israel On The Banks Of ...

    Contributed by Robert Fa’atoia-Collins on Mar 19, 2008

    Moses and the children of Israel on the banks of the Red Sea, mountains on both sides, the Rea Sea in the front, and the mighty Pharoah and his great army behind them. No where to hide, no where to run, they were sitting ducks. Yet, the Lord came through, He proved to all that He is ABLE. So more

  • In Verse 2, God Does Something About Moses' ...

    Contributed by Johnny Wilson on Feb 11, 2009

    In verse 2, God does something about Moses’ problem. God gives him a sign. God asks Moses about the familiar symbol of his profession—the rod. A rod is not only used for protection and for sorting the sheep, but it is a symbol of authority. So God orders Moses to throw the symbol of his personal more

  • In Our Text We Have And Example Of Going Back And ...  PRO

    Contributed by Jeff Ruth on May 17, 2003
    based on 2 ratings

    In our text we have and example of going back and the tragic results. The Israelites come to the border of the promised land. Moses sends out twelve spies. They scope out the scene. They come back and give their report. Ten of them said, ”We have seen this good land. We saw great walled cities. And more

  • Moses Spend His First Forty Years Thinking He ...  PRO

    Contributed by Sheldon Boyd on Nov 30, 2004
    based on 5 ratings

    “Moses spend his first forty years thinking he was somebody. He spend his second forty years learning he was a nobody. He spent his third forty years more

  • I Like What The Great Evangelist D. L. Moody ...  PRO

    Contributed by Lynn Malone on Aug 8, 2005
    based on 3 ratings

    I like what the great evangelist D. L. Moody said about Moses—“Moses spent his first forty years thinking he was somebody. He spent his second forty years finding out he was a nobody. He more

  • During World War Ii When Sugar Was Scarce A Man ...

    Contributed by Sermon Central on Jun 18, 2007
    based on 1 rating

    During World War II when sugar was scarce a man went into a diner and asked for a cup of coffee. “Sugar or cream, the waitress asked?” “Sugar,” he replied. Since the sugar was so scarce, she kept it under the counter. The man put in 2 heaping teaspoons full of sugar, tasted it and said, “I need more

  • A Man Who Had Regularly Prayed For Many Years ...

    Contributed by Sermon Central on Jun 18, 2007

    A man who had regularly prayed for many years began to wonder if God heard his prayers at all. During one of his routine times of prayer, he started to doubt. He said, “Hey, up there, can you hear me? Hey, God, if you can hear me tell me what you want me to do with my life.” A voice from above more

  • A Little Boy Came Back From Sunday School One ...  PRO

    Contributed by Sermon Central on Jun 18, 2007
    based on 3 ratings

    A little boy came back from Sunday school one morning and his father asked him:. “Well, what did you learn?”. The little boy replied: “How the people of Israel were kept in Egypt and used as slaves by this guy called Pharaoh.” “Oh?” said the father. “Then what happened?” The little boy went on more

  • What Would Have Happened Had Moses Tried To ...  PRO

    Contributed by Sermon Central on Dec 8, 2005
    based on 8 ratings

    What would have happened had Moses tried to figure out what was needed to accomplish God’s command? One of the biggest arithmetical miracles in the world was required in the desert. Moses led the people of Israel into the desert….Now what was he going to do with them? They had to be fed, and more