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  • On Suffering  PRO

    Contributed by David Tack on Jan 11, 2012
    based on 3 ratings

    ON SUFFERING "It is a very difficult matter to understand when God permits affliction or loss to come into our lives. Our humanity wants to cry out, "Why me God? I love you and faithfully serve you. Why did you permit this sorrow to happen to me?" . . . one reason for affliction is to make us more

  • Suffering  PRO

    Contributed by James Pless on May 22, 2006
    based on 12 ratings

    SUFFERING 12433. Beaten Into Higher Value A bar of steel is worth five dollars. When it is wrought into horseshoes, it is worth ten dollars. If made into needles, it is worth three hundred and fifty dollars. If wrought into penknife blades, it is worth thirty-two thousand dollars. And if more

  • Suffering

    Contributed by Sermoncentral on Jun 18, 2007
    based on 1 rating

    Suffering One of the most powerful prayers in the midst of suffering was uncovered from the horrors of Ravensbruck concentration camp. Ravensbruck was a concentration camp built in 1939 for women. Over 90,000 women and children perished in Ravensbruck, murdered by the Nazis. Corrie Ten Boom, who more

  • The Sufferings Of The Pilgrims

    Contributed by Davon Huss on Jul 3, 2011

    THE SUFFERINGS OF THE PILGRIMS The sufferings of these pilgrims has been a theme often repeated and yet it remains an amazing story. Within three months of the Mayflower landing in December 1620, only about fifty of the original hundred survived. Their graves had to be unmarked and grassed over more

  • The Ally Of Sufferers

    Contributed by Warner Pidgeon on May 31, 2012

    THE ALLY OF SUFFERERS The author and church minister Ray Ortlund says this: "Sometimes there is no way to get out of suffering; but there is a way to get through suffering, because God is the ally of sufferers." He also says that more

  • A View Of Suffering  PRO

    Contributed by Sermoncentral on Mar 18, 2005
    based on 4 ratings

    A VIEW OF SUFFERING Yes, suffering is the enemy of the average American. In America, Christians pray for the burden of suffering to be lifted from their backs. In the rest of the world Christians pray for stronger backs so they can bear their suffering. It’s why we look away from the bag more

  • Worthy To Suffer For ...

    Contributed by Sermoncentral on Apr 9, 2009

    WORTHY TO SUFFER FOR HIM John Balca was one of the early pioneer missionaries in Eastern Europe. He was particularly focused on the country of Yugoslavia in the 1930-1950’s. In his autobiography, he writes of the many difficulties that God helped him to overcome in the establishing of an more

  • Suffering = Service

    Contributed by Mark Armstrong on Jun 10, 2009

    SUFFERING=SERVICE Roger Staubach is an American football player. He was once asked when injured, "How do you keep on keeping on if you’re playing professional football"? Roger said something important, "If you’re not playing hurt, you’re not playing football." Paul expresses a more

  • The Mark Of Suffering  PRO

    Contributed by Sermoncentral on Mar 31, 2002
    based on 19 ratings

    THE MARK OF SUFFERING In the real world of pain, how could one worship a God who was immune to it? I have entered many Buddhist temples in different Asian countries and stood respectfully before the statue of the Buddha, his legs crossed, arms folded, eyes closed, the ghost of a smile playing more

  • The Suffering Of The Trinity  PRO

    Contributed by Sermoncentral on Jun 2, 2004
    based on 7 ratings

    THE SUFFERING OF THE TRINITY In the National Gallery of Art in London there’s a picture of the Crucifixion that is so dark that when you first look at it, you can’t see anything. But if you stand and ponder it, and if you do not permit your gaze to falter, eventually you will see in the darkness more

  • He Who Fears He Will Suffer, Already Suffers ...

    Contributed by Sermoncentral on Apr 12, 2007

    "He who fears he will suffer, already suffers more

  • He Suffered For Us  PRO

    Contributed by Gordon Curley on Nov 29, 2010
    based on 2 ratings

    Quote: A.W. Pink: "He suffered hell for us so that we can enjoy heaven with Him. He entered the awful Darkness, that I might walk in the Light; He drank the cup of woe that I might more

  • Fitted For Service Through Suffering

    Contributed by Chuck Sligh on Apr 15, 2011

    FITTED FOR SERVICE THROUGH SUFFERING I grew up as a military brat and later my dad was a missionary to the military. When I was growing up, I was never exposed much to suffering. When we lived overseas, if someone got too sick, they shipped them back to the States, or (when we were stationed in more

  • The Fellowship Of His Suffering

    Contributed by Curry Pikkaart on Sep 13, 2011
    based on 1 rating

    THE FELLOWSHIP OF HIS SUFFERING "Paul Marshall of the Hudson Institute estimates that at least 600 million -- and maybe closer to 700 million -- Christians world-wide are experiencing some level of persecution. That means roughly one in every three people who profess the name of Christ is more

  • Suffering The Rats: A Missionary Was Assigned To ...  PRO

    Contributed by Jim Kilson on Mar 3, 2006
    based on 3 ratings

    Suffering the Rats: A missionary was assigned to some remote islands in the Pacific. After three months, he sent a fax to mission headquarters: "I’m being plagued by rats. What shall I do?" Soon a crate arrived, filled with rattraps. However, hardly a month later the missionary sent a second fax more

  • The Emblem Of Suffering And Shame

    Contributed by Brian Harvison on May 29, 2008

    THE EMBLEM OF SUFFERING AND SHAME Crucifixion was a form of execution that the Romans had learned from the Persians. The Persians had developed a method of crucifying victims by impaling them on a pole. Later cultures developed different methods of crucifixion, And Rome employed several of them. more

  • The Suffering Of Christ's Messengers Ministers ...

    Contributed by John Boquist on Aug 9, 2008

    “The suffering of Christ’s messengers ministers to those they are trying to reach and may open them to the gospel.” John Piper, Let the Nations Be Glad p. 91 In this book, Piper tells the story of an indigenous missionary in India who walked barefoot from village to village sharing the gospel. more

  • Suffering Boy Given An Extravagant ...

    Contributed by Sermoncentral on Jan 28, 2009

    SUFFERING BOY GIVEN AN EXTRAVAGANT GIFT In his book Everybody’s Normal Till You Get to Know Them, John Ortberg tells of a young man named John Gilbert. At age five, John was diagnosed with Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy, a genetic, progressive, debilitating disease. At age 25, the disease finally more

  • Suffering For The Right Reasons

    Contributed by Bradley Kellum on Aug 25, 2009

    SUFFERING FOR THE RIGHT REASONS Richard Wurmbrand is the founder of a ministry called "Voice of the Martyrs." Some of you receive their publication. Richard Wurmbrand was a Romanian Pastor who was imprisoned by the Russians and tortured for his faith in Christ. In May of 1966 Pastor more

  • The Suffering Of "El Santo"  PRO

    Contributed by Sermoncentral on Apr 13, 2003
    based on 8 ratings

    THE SUFFERING OF "EL SANTO" Sister Yolanda Tarango discovered "El Santo" one day when as a small girl she was sent to the family shed to finish throwing her pity party. She noticed a strange parcel in the corner, covered with a heavy cloth. Peering under the cover, she was shocked to find more