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  • Trust ...

    Contributed by Sermoncentral on Mar 11, 2009

    TRUST PLATFORM Several years ago I went with a group of men to an obstacle course in Northport. Some people call these a "ropes" course. The goal is for your group to move through a series of obstacles as you build trust and a spirit of teamwork. For me the most challenging obstacle is the more

  • Trusting Doctors, Trusting God

    Contributed by John Putty on Mar 19, 2011
    based on 8 ratings

    TRUSTING DOCTORS, TRUSTING GOD Not many people enjoy going to the doctor, but according to Reuters, in 1994, one London accountant to that to an extreme. The 63-year-old man needed bladder surgery, but he couldn't overcome his fear of doctors and hospitals. So he self-reliantly did what had more

  • No Trust Or Full Trust — Haddon Robinson  PRO

    Contributed by Christian Cheong on Oct 15, 2006
    based on 2 ratings

    No Trust or Full Trust - Haddon Robinson Years ago, Monroe Parker was traveling through South Alabama on a hot day. He stopped at a watermelon stand, picked out a watermelon, and asked the proprietor how much it cost. "It’s $1.10," he replied. Parker dug into his pocket, found only a bill and more

  • Tears And Trust  PRO

    Contributed by Sermoncentral on Aug 23, 2011
    based on 1 rating

    TEARS AND TRUST Years ago, when my nephew Josh was about 9 years old we were out in the yard playing tag. He had tagged me and was running for all he was worth to get away from me. He was laughing and laughing as he looked back at me chasing him. Then he turned around and ran into a tree. It more

  • Trusting The Scent

    Contributed by Sermoncentral on Sep 7, 2011

    TRUSTING THE SCENT Years ago I read the story of a man by the name of Wally who owned a farm in Connecticut. He had a remarkable talent he had with birds, chickadees specifically. It seems that every morning these little birds would flutter down and land on his hands. And it wasn’t just for more

  • Trust In God

    Contributed by Sermoncentral on Sep 7, 2011
    based on 4 ratings

    TRUST IN GOD "Trust in yourself and you are doomed to disappointment Trust in money and you may have it taken from you; But trust in God, and you are never to be confounded in time or eternity." --D.L. more

  • Trusting The History

    Contributed by Michael Dean on Jan 26, 2013

    TRUSTING THE HISTORY " this era of history, the most attacked part of the Bible's history is Genesis 1-11.  When people understand they can trust the history of the early chapters of Genesis, they can better understand and be more responsive to the gospel--the gospel that is based more

  • Trusting Faith  PRO

    Contributed by Kristen Wright Zeller on Aug 26, 2014
    based on 1 rating

    Those who share Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior begin to become as magnets to those who share the same intimate relationship. While humans range from "new" to "elder," there is still a feeling of familiarity in those who gather together to worship in spirit and in truth. A sense somewhat more

  • Ruthless Trust  PRO

    Contributed by Sermoncentral on Mar 29, 2002
    based on 15 ratings

    RUTHLESS TRUST During times of transition, what we most need to practice is "ruthless trust." Brennan Manning has written a brilliant book by that title and tells the story of John Kavanaugh who went to work for three months at "the House of the Dying" in Calcutta. He went not only to give help, more

  • Trust In The Instruments  PRO

    Contributed by Sermoncentral on Apr 1, 2008
    based on 2 ratings

    TRUST IN THE INSTRUMENTS My father, in his youth, carried a pilot's license. Once and a while he would rent a small Cessna and fly around with a couple friends. I once asked him what the hardest part of flying was. He told me that it was trusting in your instruments. He described what it was more

  • Trust/Security:  PRO

    Contributed by Steve Miller on Jan 15, 2006
    based on 6 ratings

    TRUST/SECURITY: Always trust an unknown future to a more

  • Faith Is Unutterable Trust In God, Trust Which ...  PRO

    Contributed by Sermoncentral on Jan 20, 2002
    based on 18 ratings

    Faith is unutterable trust in God, trust which never dreams that He will not stand by more

  • Society Is Built Upon Trust And Trust Upon ...

    Contributed by Sermoncentral on Apr 12, 2007

    Society is built upon trust and trust upon confidence in more

  • Spurgeon On Trusting God  PRO

    Contributed by Sermoncentral on Mar 17, 2009
    based on 5 ratings

    SPURGEON ON TRUSTING GOD Charles Spurgeon writes: "There is One who cares for you. His eye is fixed on you, His heart beats with pity for your woe, and His omnipotent hand shall bring you the needed help. The darkest cloud shall scatter itself in showers of mercy. He, if you are one of His more

  • You Can Trust ...

    Contributed by Sermoncentral on Apr 7, 2009

    YOU CAN TRUST GOD A Canadian pastor, in a period of great turmoil, received the faithful help of God he needed from reading about the following true incident. In his town the local parks commission had been ordered to remove the trees from a street they were going to widen. As they were more

  • Do You Trust God?

    Contributed by Bret Toman on Jun 8, 2009

    DO YOU TRUST GOD? There was a Seinfeld episode where Kramer scoots into Jerry’s apartment where Jerry and George are talking, and he says "Do you guys want to have some fun!" George and Jerry say "Sure." And then Kramer says "Do you really want to have some fun? Or are you just saying you want more

  • In A Climate Of Mutual Trust, The Market Is The ...

    Contributed by W Pat Cunningham on Dec 19, 2009

    In a climate of mutual trust, the market is the economic institution that permits encounter between persons, inasmuch as they are economic subjects who make use of contracts to regulate their relations as they exchange goods and services of equivalent value between them, in order to satisfy their more

  • Trust His Heart

    Contributed by Sermoncentral on Oct 23, 2010
    based on 4 ratings

    TRUST HIS HEART Babbie Mason wrote these words, "God is too wise to be mistaken. God is too good to be unkind. When you don't understand and can't see His plan, when you can't trace His hand, TRUST HIS more

  • In God We Trust

    Contributed by Sermoncentral on Jan 17, 2011

    IN GOD WE TRUST I think it quite appropriate that on this day we celebrate who we are as a nation and reflect on how we came to be the nation we are. It is because we still stand firm in our national motto,” IN GOD WE TRUST”. Did you ever wonder where it came from – how did these words come more

  • A Little Girl's Trust

    Contributed by Sermoncentral on May 9, 2011

    A LITTLE GIRL'S TRUST It's a lesson we need to learn, as well. Our true security comes from God and God alone, so we must learn to trust Him. Don't trust in a lie. Don't trust in an idol. Trust in the Lord. Then and only then will you be truly secure. Five-year-old Jessica became a bit more