When Sherry and I lived in Pottstown, we shopped at the ShopRite Supermarket I town. In fact I would say that at that time it was probably the most popular of the Super Markets. Well there was really only one easy way to get to ShopRite, and that was to cross a small bridge. Well, the time came after we left and moved on to our first ministry that the bridge was scheduled to be repaired and renovated. It was to be a rapid job, to be completed over the period of a couple of weeks. Well, as you can guess, NOTHING moves fast politically speaking. What ultimately began as a few weeks stretched into about 6 months. This ShopRite was effectively cut off from the town. The only way to get there was to go through the High School, winding your way from one campus entrance to another campus exit. The result was that the ShopRite could not stay in business and closed down!

While we were in Clearfield, we came across a mountain mentality. People did not want to go “over the mountain”. So as a result, most of the shopping was done at one of two Ames stores in Clearfield and Phillipsburg, or at the JC Penny store in Clearfield. People did not go “over the mountain” to Dubois, where there was a


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