The other day, while driving, I was listening to Family Radio. A sponsorship slot came on advertising a mortgage broker. This advertisement was advertising how if you refinanced your mortgage using their services, you’d be able to save thousands of dollars! That’s right, thousands of dollars! To make it more realistic, they had a husband and wife discussing what they could do with these thousands of dollars. I was intrigued – after all this was a Christian radio station! I was interested to hear what the couple were thinking of doing with all this money, that they would apparently have at their disposal if they used this mortgage broker.

Perhaps they would say things like, “let’s more give more money to the church”, or “let’s sponsor a child in a poor country” or “let’s support a school chaplain or a missionary”. Or perhaps they might say, “let’s cut back on hours at work and spend the extra time with the kids, or spend the time in some sort of ministry activity.” But no, they didn’t talk of those things. What they did mention were things like, “let’s extend the house”, “let’s go on an overseas trip,” “let’s build a patio,” and “let’s buy a new car.” Now I’m not saying that it’s necessarily wrong to do these last things – I certainly hope not


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