A small defiant boy

When I was a youth minister 30+ years ago I told a young 5 year old boy to stop running in church. He stopped and then turned to me and said I couldn’t make him. Well... I couldn’t let a challenge like that go by so I got down on his level and firmly took him by the arms. I got eyeball to eyeball with him and said, "I told you to not run in church. You could hurt someone else. Now slow down."

This little boy balled up his fists and vibrating with anger said “You get your hands off of me.” Now, at that point I wasn’t about to let go. I took him over to the stairs and sat him down on the first step. (By now he is crying.) Then I said, "You sit here till you stop crying and you think about what I said about running in church. When you stop crying you can get up and when you are ready you come find me, pull on my


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