Before I go on to the third way to feed on the Word of God, let me just share with you the story of a young girl named Mary Jones, who in the late 1790's wanted more than anything to own a Bible.

Unfortunately, they were not as available as they are today, and they were very expensive. So she began raising chickens to raise the money to buy a Bible. She worked for six years, until she had enough for a Bible. And this 16-year-old girl walked over 25 miles to buy one, but the pastor there had only one left, and it was promised to someone else.

Well, she couldn't hold back the tears, and when the minister found out what Mary had gone through, he made her take the one he had, reasoning that the other person could wait a while longer. And now Mary Jones had her own Bible that she could now read to her heart's content.

Do you understand that it's only because of God's grace and mercy that you have a Bible at all? Take advantage of it! Read it!