Ruth Tucker tells the story of Kari Torjesen Malcolm, who served for 15 years as a missionary to the Philippines. Kari was an MK (missionary kid) who grew up in China: "As a teenager, she was confined for a time during World War II in an internment camp, and there she discovered a deep truth that changed her life.

"In the camp she was number 16, and only one of many Westerners who sought self-identity and comfort behind the walls and the electric fence that separated them from the outside world. There were other MKs in the same predicament, and often they managed to get together for a few moments of prayer--prayer for freedom.

"But as time passed, Kari began to feel uneasy about these times of prayer. Freedom was becoming the ultimate goal in life, and God seemed to become less and less important--except for His answer to their prayers for freedom. She began to pray and search the Bible.



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