I remember reading about an Obituary that is meant to make you stop and think:

· He brushed his teeth twice a day

· The doctors examined him twice a year

· He ate low-carb, low-fat every day

· He gave up his tonsils, his adenoids, his gall bladder … and traded in a few worn-out glands

· He golfed …but never more than 18 holes (moderation in all things)

· He got 8 hours of sleep every night

· He slept with the windows open to get plenty of fresh air

· He carried an umbrella in case of rain

· He didn’t smoke, drink, or chew .. or run around with those who do

· He drove the speed limit

· He jogged and did weight training 5 days a week

· He was set to live to be a hundred years old.

He is survived by

· 18 specialists,

· 3 surgeons

· 4 health institutes,

· 6 gyms

· and numerous manufacturers of


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