You and I have within ourselves the resources for achieving amazing things if we do not allow our problems to overwhelm us. You may know the story of a young Hungarian athlete in the 1952 Olympics who won a gold medal with his ability to shoot a pistol. His right hand and eye coordination were so perfect that he simply could not miss the bull’s eye. Six months later that young man lost his right arm. Such a tragedy would have overwhelmed many of us. It did not overwhelm this young man. Four years later at the Melbourne Olympics he was back and he did it again. Another gold medal. This time he shot with his left hand. We have in us the ability to turn tragedies into triumphs--or, in Schuller’s words, to turn scars into stars. One of the keys to that, however, is to have a God who is big enough to handle any problem we may have and to keep our attention fixed on him rather than upon the circumstances. R.A. Torry once put it like this, "If you make but little of Christ, Christ will make little of you."