26 Christians were executed at Nizhizaka Hill in Nagasaki, Japan on 15 February 1597.

Amongst them was a young seventeen year old boy, Thomas Kosaki, who was to die for his Christian witness along with his father.

He wrote a letter to his mother the evening before his crucifixion.

Let me read a translation of it to you

"Mother, we are supposed to be crucified tomorrow in Nagaski. Please do not worry about anything because we will be waiting for you to come to heaven.

Everything in the world vanishes like a dream. Be sure that you never lose the happiness of heaven. Be patient and show love to many people.

Most of all, about my little brothers Mansho and Philipo, please see to it that they are not delivered into the hands of the Gentiles.

Mother, I commit you to the Lord"

These weren’t the words of some ivory towered professor at Oxford or Cambridge. This was a young man condemned to death – and a horrible death at that for his faith.