In our basement we have a piece of paper stapled to a door frame. About twice a year I bring all the grandkids to the basement and they stand against the door frame to measure how tall they are and how much they have grown. The paper is covered with lines, beside which are their names and dates. They are always excited to see their progress. It is hard for them to realize how much they are growing until they stand against the growth chart where their last measurement is drawn.

Wouldn’t it be great if we had such a chart at the back of the church? We could all stand against the door frame and see how much we have all grown spiritually in the last 6 months or year. It is hard to know how much we have grown spiritually on our own. Our friends would say to us: “Look at you! You have really grown.” We might say things like, “Wow! I didn’t realize I had grown that much.” Or we might say, “Oh, I thought I would be a little higher on the chart.” But whether little or great, the point is whether or not we are growing. Perfection is not the goal,


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