“Picture a coin falling toward the ground under the influence of gravity. In itself, that coin is powerless to overcome the downward pull of this earth. It is in its very nature to fall. But before it has gone far, someone reaches out an arm, holds the coin firmly in his hand, and then lifts it higher and higher in defiance of the law of gravity. The law of the spirit of life in that person’s arm overcomes the law of gravity. This does not mean that the original law has ceased to operate, but it does mean that a higher law has come into force. We sin by nature because we are victims of the fall and because it is the nature of fallen man to sin. But in ‘Christ Jesus’ a higher law operates, ‘the law of the Spirit of life’; and this law sets us free from the lesser law of sin and death. The limitation of the coin illustration, of course, lies in the fact that the coin has no will of its own, whereas we do. It is possible for us to fail to enjoy release from control of sin by disbelief or disobedience.”

Phillips, John. Exploring Romans: An Expository Commentary. Grand Rapids: Kregal Publications, 1969. p. 123-124.