God’s Word directs us in Malachi that in order to “stop” the cycle of withholding we must “release” those things we hold of value. To borrow a phrase form a 1980’s fire awareness TV commercial I say we must STOP, DROP, and ROLL! If we can liken our “hurts” to a fire: It consumes absolutely – sometimes robs us of the ability to breathe – causes serious scarring – there will have to be some remodeling and rebuilding. In my research, I found in every instance that fire professionals state that the most important thing “NOT” to do - is to run… rather to face the reality of the situation. Realize before God that there is a problem: Stop, Drop, and Roll!

STOP!!! And “Count your Blessings!” Take a look at whatever the situation is. This morning I am mostly talking about situations within the church and in dealings with other Christians. However, situations such as illness, cancer, death, family problems, financial problems, homelessness, unemployment, etc. (the list goes on and on), all of these can have us questioning at the deepest levels, “ why is this happening?” We become hurt and wonder where God is in our situation. We need to STOP and be quiet if only for a minute – to reflect on God’s promises and His personal care toward us. Count your Blessings: