In the glovebox of most every car in our parking lot this morning, besides your registration and proof of insurance, there’s a book – a small book maybe ¾” thick. If you go to change your oil, it tells you what kind and how much to put in. It tells you what pressure to have in your tires, and how often you should change the air filter. It even tells you how big of a load it can carry, and how much gasoline it will hold. If you have a question about your car, that’s the first and best source of practical information, because it’s written by the same ones who designed the car.

When I sit down with a couple and talk about what they need to do to prepare for marriage and starting a family, I start by talking about the owner’s manual. It’s the book that’s written by the Designer. If you want to know how something works, you consult the owner’s manual that the designer gives you.

When I need to work on a car, I don’t go see what some actor or singer or TV news anchor has to say about my car. I want to hear from the people who know something about it – the ones who designed it.