Illustration: I love my little boy, I want to give him the very best that I can give him, but sometimes because he is so small and I am so big in order to get my attention, to let me know he wants or needs something, he will pull on my pant leg and I will look down and grab him, lift him up to my level and ask him what can Daddy do for his boy today, and he ask me for whatever and if I can I will almost always give it to him.

That is the way it is for man and God. Our Father desires to give us the good of the land but we must get a hold of that place reserved for us, that place in God that you and I can talk just like Moses did, like a father and a son will do, that place is Jesus Christ. When you touch Jesus Christ God will bring you to a place of communion and you will ask what you will and it will be granted.