Illustration of God’s grace: A certain man had a son who died in a war. His son had joined his father in a love for fine art. The son even began painting some during the Jays of battle. One of his son’s fellow soldiers brought the father a painting that the son had done during the days just before his death. The father cherished the painting and hung it prominently with the fine paintings he had collected by renowned artists.

Upon the father’s death, an auction of all the fine art was held. The first painting the auctioneer presented was that of the collector’s son. The only bidder for this work was the servant of the father who had also loved the son and knew of the father’s love for the son. After the bidding closed on this first work, the auctioneer read a letter. "The person who purchases my son’s painting gets the rest my collection as a gift. You see, if they love my son, they can have all I own."

This is what God did for us. This is what He said, when He made us joint heirs with Christ. Do we share this message with a lost and dying world? Do we perform our responsibility as we should?