When preachers get together, someone may comment, “That will preach.” Inspiration for a sermon comes from many people and places. A few weeks ago in our Academy for Christian Training and Service one of our readings for reflection came from the book YEARING TO KNOW GOD’S WILL by Danny E. Morris, the founder and Executive Director of the Upper Room’s Academy for Spiritual Formation. Morris’ reflection really spoke to Liz’s heart in a special way, especially these words: “The purpose and goal of spiritual discernment is knowing and doing God’s will. . . .Nothing is more urgent in our lives or in our congregations than yearning to know and do God’s will. We must keep our eyes and hearts on our purpose and goal.” [SOURCE: Discovering God’s Will Together by Danny E. Morris as quoted by Norman Shawchuck and Reuben P. Job in A Guide to Prayer for All Who Seek God (Nashville: Upper Room Books, 2006), 246]