Charing Cross is the geographical center of London, England, and the location of one of the primary railway stations in the city. The name stems from the fact that King Edward I erected a cross on that site in memory of his wife Eleanor after her death in 1290. “All distances in the United Kingdom from London are measured from Charing Cross. This spot is referred to simply as ‘the cross.’ A lost child was one day picked up by a London ‘bobby.’ The child was unable to tell where he lived. Finally, in response to the repeated questions of the bobby, and amid sobs and tears, the little fellow said, ‘If you will take me to the cross I think I can find my way from there.’” [SOURCE: James Brown Pounds, “London’s ‘The Cross’” in Paul Lee Tan, Encyclopedia of 7, 700 Illustrations: Signs of the Times (Rockville, Maryland: Assurance Publishers, 1979), 206.] When we repent at the foot of the cross of Jesus, we find eternal forgiveness; we find our way home.