A want is something I would like to have, something I may wish or long for, something that I find desirable, but it is not something that I must absolutely have. I can live without having all my wants supplied, but all my needs must be met.

Some personal examples quickly come to my mind. I had a friend when I was growing up who was a year ahead of me in school. He had some well to do grandparents that doted over him every Christmas. We must have been ten and nine respectfully when they gave him his own portable television set.

Of course I thought I had to have one too, but I never got my own portable television until I graduated from seminary and had my first Church. That portable television was only a want. I survived perfectly well without it all those years, and I am learning more and more that I can survive well even today with little or no TV. Currently I would enjoy having a motor cycle or a jet ski, but I’ll survive without them. God does not promise to supply all our wants, but He does promise to supply all our needs.