Remember to look at the possibilities in the area you see. (You see some things but don’t actually look at them.) We used the FedEx logo during our Gripped For Greatness campaign last year. We asked if you saw all you were looking at.

Between the last two letters of FedEx you can see an arrow pointing to the right.

This was our year to host the family reunion of Barbara’s immediate relatives. I asked my sister-in-law if she had noticed the arrow in the name above. She had not and still couldn’t right off. But as she looked at what she was seeing, the arrow appeared. After that all she saw was the arrow. That is a parable.

When you see a plant with ripe tomatoes, you look at the individual one or ones you want to pick – the ripe ones. Wait instead of tugging on green fruit.

As you pray for God to help you look at what you are seeing, ask Him to show you in the masses which individual(s) he wants you to be responsible for. Pray for those people but also reach out to touch them for Christ and the church.