John Wesley did not have the assurance the Jesus had saved him from his sins until he was nearly 35 years old. He was a good moral person but not a Christian even though he was an Anglican priest and missionary to Georgia. Wesley shares his encounter with a Moravian Christian August Gottlieb Spangenburg in Georgia on February 7, 1736. Spangenburg knew Jesus as his personal Saviour, but John Wesley did not. Wesley recounts their conversation:

“My brother, I must first ask you one or two questions. Have

you the witness within yourself? Does the Spirit of God bear witness

with your spirit, that you are a child of God?” I was surprised, and

knew not what to answer. He observed it and asked, “Do you know

Jesus Christ?” I paused, and said, “I know He is Saviour of the

World.” True,” replied he; “but do you know He has saved you?”

I answered, “I hope He has died to save me.” He only added,

“Do you know yourself?” I said, “I do.” But I fear they were

vain words.” [SOURCE: Thomas Jackson, The Works of John

Wesley (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1979) 1:23.]

The ultimate question every single person must honestly answer is, “Do you know Jesu has saved you?”