This past week our family went to see the movie “Enchanted,” which is a Disney musical/fantasy/romantic comedy. It’s about a princess who has to choose between two men to be her true love. 3/4 of the way through, my six-year-old son squirmed in his seat and whispered to me "this movie is boooooooorrrrrring. I want to go home." But I knew more about the movie than he did, and I whispered back to him to "stay with it to the end." Very soon after that, there was a fight with a big dragon on a skyscraper, and he thought that was much, much cooler. He was glad he stayed with it to the end.

Life may look hopeless, things may not turn out the way we want--but God would have us stay with it to the end, where He promises judgment of injustice and resurrection of the righteous. We know where history is going and where we as God’s people will wind up, so let’s stay with it to the end.