I am drawn to realize that I must make room and give careful attention to the witness of the Scriptures. It is my attention to the Scriptures as the challenged, but undefeated Word of God that I will overcome the flood of doubts and opposition to my faith that will come in 2008. I need an anchor and that anchor is the Word of God. I must live the stated conviction of my soldier covenant that I believe the Scriptures to be the inspired Word of God. I must give it more than a passing glance every day. It must become my food, my meat, my drink. It is the Voice that must guide my priorities, my decisions and my living. I may as well read a comic book and be inspired by a superhero myth, as read the Word and not obey. We must REMEMBER and determine to know the WITNESS of the truth of God in the Word because it is the voice of God who calls us into relationship with Him. That Word is going to face increased opposition and criticism so we would do well to decide how important it is. I heard a slogan six years ago that I have tried to adopt as a personal slogan. NO BIBLE, NO BREAKFAST. It’s amazing what a man will do when he can’t eat!