After some months of our marriage in India, my wife was recruited by the Federal government of a middle-eastern Islamic nation to work, mentor and train Arab nurses. We were torn apart but yet emotionally together. She joined a secret fellowship & prayer group in that country and prayed constantly that God would do the impossible – bring me to the Middle-East to teach. The first Gulf War broke out and we were left in emotional anguish and fear of the unknown. Telephonic contact was next to impossible. Forty day in and the war was over and I surprised my wife by arriving in the Middle-East after 9 months of living apart. I was on an assignment to teach high school kids at the Embassy schools. We saw the God of Wonders protect us during the war, give us His grace to go through that phase of living apart for 9 months and then open closed doors so that I could work there. Surely He is a God of astounding wonder.