After 13 years, Bill Gates is no longer the richest man in the world. The technology tycoon was not ranked Richest Man in the World for the first time in over a decade. Bill Gates fell from his spot on the top to a lowly number three position. His net worth of $58 Billion only goes to hold a number three spot in the wealth of the world. The wealthiest man alive is a man by the name of Warren Buffett: he is worth $62 billion dollars. Poor Bill Gates might need to go out and get a job before he ends up begging on the streets. Not quite.

There are almost 200 countries whose Gross National Product is less than $58 Billion. That means there are at least three people who have more money by themselves then almost 200 nations produce in goods and services in an entire year.

Can you imagine what you would do with $58 billion? Thats almost too big to calculate. So let's break it down. Lets say that Bill Gates wants to spend all his money before he dies. He is almost 53 years old. Lets say he lives for another 20 years. To spend all of his money before he died he would have to spend 2.9 Billon dollars a year. Thats still kind of big for more most of us to picture, so lets break it down more: if you divide that 2.9 billion by 365 days in a year, you are left with $7,945,205 to spend every day. That's a huge number. So lets make it smaller: take that by 24 hours in a day. In order to spend everything he has now, if he did not make another penny while he was alive, Bill Gates would have to spend $331,050 per hour, or $5517.50 a minute, or $92 every second. That just sounds unreal.