Integrity and Faithfulness in Work Yields Peace of Mind

The late great American Methodist clergyman and author, Rev. Charles Livingstone Allen (1913 - 2005), told this story in his sermon entitled "How To Sleep Well On A Windy Night:"

"A boy went to a farmer and asked to be given a job as a hired hand. The farmer asked, ’Are you willing to work?’ ’Please sir, yes sir, I can sleep well on a windy night,’ was his strange reply. ’Can I trust you to look after my things,’ said the farmer, Again, the boy gave the same answer.The farmer asked several questions seeking to determine if the boy was honest and trustworthy; but, to each question, he received the same reply!

Deciding that the boy might be a little simple-minded, the farmer hired him anyway; because, there was something about that boy that he liked! The boy proved to be a willing worker and everything went well until one night a big storm came up! The farmer heard the howling wind and rushed to the boy’s room, ’Get up,’ he shouted, ’let’s go tie down the hay stacks, put up the tools, and secure the barn doors!’ The boy was so sound asleep that the farmer could not wake him!

Fearing to waste time trying to wake the boy and get him up, the farmer rushed out see about his things! When he came to the haystacks, he found them already firmly tied. He found the tools in their proper places in the barn; and, the barn doors securely closed! As he went back into his house, he realized what the boy meant about sleeping well on a windy night! He meant that each day, he did his work well; and, even in the midst of a storm, he could sleep!

From a sermon by George Dillahunty, The Joy Of The Lord! 10/17/2009