Walt Disney World opened in Orlando, Florida in the summer of 1974. Disneyland in Anaheim, California had been in operation already for almost 20 years. Disney was a 47 year old man, already a successful film producer, director, animator, and entrepreneur when he began to work on his ideas of a Magic Kingdom. He had a dream of having a magical park where families could go with their children to have clean fun. World War II stopped the building of the park but not the dreams in Walt’s mind. All that six year delay accomplished was to expand the dream from an 8 acre park to an 165 acre park which now grosses $2.1 billion through the combined five world magical parks. After Disney passed away Mrs. Disney was sitting beside Walter Cronkite at the opening of Walt Disney World in Florida.. Cronkite wanted to say just the right thing to Mrs. Disney, so he leaned over to her and said, “Wouldn’t it be great if Walt were here to see this today.” Mrs. Disney wisely replied, “If Walt had not first seen this you would not be seeing it today.”

Isn’t it strange how the world has so much vision for the temporal things of life and the church is struggling to see just a little bit of how to build the kingdom of God on earth?